Jonathan Lyons

Jonathan Lyons

This was the second time that Bro Lyons has preached for us. The first time we came a global pandemic happened with Covid-19 and this time another incident happened. Besides all of the distractions GOd used Brother Lyons to speak to the hearts of our folks.

Our service yesterday started off like it normally does  and everything was going along as planned. Jenna was scheduled to sing the special right before the preaching, and we had a guest speaker Jonathan Lyons the VP for Missions for Forgotten Peoples with us. 

In the middle of my daughters special, I noticed a gentlemen coughing a little, then it keep getting louder and more frequent. Then the gentlemen next to him started doing the same thing. I didnt think too much of it as he was offered a cough drop. Then it slowly started overcoming more and more people in our auditorium. I saw my wife frantically moving around trying to figure out what is going on. Next thing I know nearly everyone is in tears coughing and choking. I then suddenly stopped the special and instructed everyone to leave until we can figure out what was going on.

Apparently one of out bus kids was playing with my daughters keys in which there is a pepper spray attached to the chain. Well, he opened it and accidentally sprayed some in the air.  

Those watching out live stream were so confused as to what was going on. Definitely never a dull moment at Highpoint. 

We’ll see what happens when Bro Lyons comes the third time. Can’t wait.