Last Sunday Highpoint Baptist Church had our charter service where we officially joined in members of Highpoint. What a day it was. When the Lord laid it on our heart to start a church in Wolcott, we prayed that God would give us 5 families to start with. While this was an aggressive number because we were starting so soon, we still felt like that was a number that the Lord laid on our heart. On our charter signing last Sunday, God laid it on 5 families hearts to sign the charter. To God be the Glory. Here are some of the Highlights for the first month of January.

  1. Prayed for a building to meet in. God send us a fully furnished church building with an affordable rent.
  2. Prayed for a congregational song leader. Lord sent us a musical family.
  3.  Prayed for 5 families to start sign charter. 5 families signed.
  4.  Prayed for a youth group. Consistently have around 10 teens for each service.

We still have a long ways to go in many areas. We need to reach the community with the gospel, we need financial help, and we need prayer. One thing that Highpoint is becoming in just the short amount of time, is that we are becoming a family. The spirit in the services are always sweet and our folks love fellowship. If you do not have a church home and is looking for one, please visit us at Highpoint and come see what God is doing.  See why we are Connecticut’s friendliest church.


2Kings 10:16 “And he said, Come with me, and see my zeal for the LORD…..”