Updated March, 2021. God has been so good to us at Highpoint, and I am thankful that He is always in control! I also believe that prayer truly makes a difference in needy times like these. Scripture says, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” We will take precautions, but with God we will not live in fear”.  

UPDATE: We at Highpoint take Covid-19 seriously. Since the beginning of Covid-19 in January 2020, no known cases (God’s been good) of covid-19 has been spread at Highpoint. While we’ve had members catch Covid-19 outside of church, the quarantine procedures that we have in place stopped any spread at church. 

In light of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, I wanted to give a few updates regarding our church services at Highpoint and what we are doing to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep us all healthy. With God, we will take precautions, but will not live in fear.

We are closely monitoring the  situation and will let you know if anything changes regarding our schedule.

With these things in mind, I wanted to share some changes we are making to help keep our members and any visitors of Highpoint safe. Services dates and times will continue as scheduled.

  1. Masks are available when you enter the church.
  2. Pastor and his family regularly get tested and takes temperature before each service .
  3. Please use the whole auditorium to space yourself at least 6 ft or more from other families.
  4. Before and after each service we are adding another layer of cleaning to the church. All surfaces that come in contact with people will be disinfected thoroughly.
  5. Hand Sanitizer is provided throughout the church.

If you can’t make it, we will be live streaming all services via the Highpoint facebook and YouTube page. Online giving can be done through the church website. Always remember that God is still in control. I love each and every one of you, and pray for you daily. If there is anything that I can do for you (Even a visit to your home or phone call), please contact me. Stay healthy, and praise God.

Pastor Matt Souza
Romans 10:14