Monthly Lunch

Monthly Lunch

Highpoint Baptist Church Monthly Fellowship Lunch

Join us for a delightful time of fellowship and feasting as we come together for our monthly fellowship lunch following the Sunday service. This is a wonderful opportunity to share a meal, build connections, and enjoy the warmth of our church community.

Date: First Sunday of each month Time: Following the Sunday Service

Event Highlights:

  1. Worship and Service: Begin the day with a spiritually uplifting Sunday service.
  2. Monthly Fellowship Lunch: Following the service, head to the Fellowship Hall for our monthly lunch. It’s a time to gather, share stories, and strengthen the bonds of friendship within our church family.
  3. Potluck Style: We invite you to contribute to the feast by bringing a dish to share. The Fellowship Hall will have a sign-up sheet where you can list the dish you’ll be bringing. Let’s showcase the diversity and talent within our church through a variety of delicious homemade dishes.
  4. Community Building: Connect with fellow church members over a shared meal. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and build a sense of community within Highpoint Baptist Church..

For more information, contact Donna

We look forward to sharing this delightful time with you and building a stronger, more connected Highpoint family!

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