Welcome to Highpoint

We are an Independent Baptist Church located on Rt 69 in beautiful Wolcott Ct. Please join us this Sunday

Sunday School: 10am
Morning Worship: 11 am
Thursday Bible Study: 6:30pm

Welcome to Highpoint

We’re glad you’ve found Highpoint! Who are we? We are an Independent Baptist Church. We hope you’ll find us to be an encouraging, friendly group of people.  We still sing Hymns, we still use the Bible, and we still are church. We don’t make any claims to be perfect, that’s why we set aside time every week to worship God and learn from His Book…the Bible.  Even though you’ll be blessed with our music, we are not here to be entertaining. It’s all about the BIBLE!!!!


We currently live-stream on both facebook and YouTube. Each one included archives of past services. The most recent service is the the left, to watch pevious services, click here

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Upcoming Events

Anniversary Service

On January 16, 2022 at 11am we’ll be celebrating our 6th anniversary at Highpoint. Please come be part of our services festivities as well as the theme for the year.

Ladies Bible Study

The next Ladies Bible Study date has changed. It will now be on January 22,2022 See Donna for more details.

Sight and Sound

Please see Pastor Matt if you are interested in attending our trip to Sight and Aound Theatre in Lancaster PA in March

As pastor of Highpoint, it’s my passion to share biblical truth and help every individual find God’s unique purpose and calling for their life. I believe in people. I believe in their incredible potential to live a joyful, transformed life for the glory of God. – Pastor Matt Souza

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