Senior Pastor

Pastor Matt Souza

I was born into a Christian home in 1973, in which my father at the time was the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Wolcott, Ct. Growing up I was always in church and was always hearing the gospel message, whether it was at church or at home I was constantly hearing about how God sent his son to die for my sins. At the age of 8, I asked God to save me from my sins and surrendered to Gods calling in the ministry when I was 13.
After Bible College, my wife (Tricia) and I worked in a local Baptist Church for over 20 years in the Greater Waterbury area. We held many positions that included Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor. It was during this time that we felt the Lords leading us to start a church in Wolcott, Ct. On January 1, 2016, Highpoint Baptist Church held its first service. We are thankful for those that God has led to Highpoint and we look forward to what God is going to do.
We have 4 daughters. Bethany, Victoria, JoHannah, and Jenna. Bethany is married and lives out of state, Victoria is a student at New England Baptist College, JoHannah is a student at Vision Baptist College, and Jenna is finishing her final year of high school.

Dan Souza

Dan Souza

Staff Evangelist

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