Deaf Ministry of Highpoint

Deaf Interpreted

The 11 a.m. service is equipped with American Sign Language interpretation for the benefit of individuals with hearing impairments.

Embracing Inclusivity: Highpoint Baptist Church’s Deaf Ministry

In the heart of Highpoint Baptist Church, a thriving community awaits, where the richness of worship knows no boundaries. Our Deaf Ministry stands as a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that every individual can experience the joy of fellowship and spiritual growth.

A Welcoming Haven for the Deaf Community

At Highpoint Baptist Church, we recognize and celebrate the diversity within our congregation. Our Deaf Ministry is a vibrant and welcoming haven for members of the deaf community. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect with their faith in a way that resonates with them, and our ministry is designed to provide just that.

Expressive Worship and Spiritual Growth

In our Deaf Ministry, worship is not just an activity; it’s a profoundly expressive experience. Through American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and visual elements, our services cater to the unique needs of the deaf community. Every aspect of our worship services, from music to sermons, is thoughtfully designed to ensure that everyone can fully participate and engage with the message.

But it’s not just about the services; it’s about fostering spiritual growth. Our ministry offers specialized classes, studies, and events that provide opportunities for fellowship, learning, and spiritual development. We believe in empowering individuals to deepen their relationship with God in a way that is meaningful to them.


Join Us on the Journey

If you or someone you know is a part of the deaf community and seeking a church home that understands and embraces your unique needs, Highpoint Baptist Church welcomes you with open arms. Our Deaf Ministry is not just an addition to our church; it’s an integral part of who we are.

Come and experience a community where inclusivity is not just a word but a way of life. Join us at Highpoint Baptist Church, where every voice is heard, and every heart is embraced.